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Dr. Manon Dünn

Curriculum vitae

Since 2023

Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cologne in a DFG funded project on deep sea microbial food webs


Ph.D. in Biology, University of Cologne, Institute of Zoology, thesis on the topic “Biogeography and its impact on benthic heterotrophic protists – investigations from the littoral to the deep sea”


Master of Science in Biological Science with specialisation in ecology and evolution, University of Cologne, thesis on the topic “Diversity and distribution of deep-sea protists in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea”


Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Cologne, thesis on the topic “Protist communities of floating Sargassum in the North Atlantic with special consideration of their contribution to deep-sea communities”

Research interests

-Ecology and diversity of marine protists
-Biogeography of microbial eukaryotes
-Deep-sea microbial food webs
-Metabarcoding / environmental sequencing
-Phylogeny of heterotrophic nanoflagellates

Recent publications


Scepanski, D., Augustin, N., Dünn, M., Scherwaß, A., Xavier, J.R., Werner, J., Waldvogel, A.-M., Arndt, H. (2024) Vertical distribution of epibenthic megafauna of a large seamount west of Cape Verde islands (tropical North Atlantic). Marine Biodiversity 54:6.


Dünn, M., Arndt, H. (2023): Distribution patterns of benthic protist communities depending on depth revealed by environmental sequencing—from the sublittoral to the deep sea. Microorganisms 2023, 11, 1664. DOI:10.3390/microorganisms11071664

Sachs, M., Dünn, M., Arndt, H. (2023): Benthic heterotrophic protist communities of the Southern Baltic analyzed with the help of curated metabarcoding studies. Biology, 12, 1010.


Hohlfeld, M., Arndt, H. (2022): Changes in the Abundance and Taxonomic Composition of Benthic Heterotrophic Protists from Atlantic Sublittoral to Deep-Sea Sediments. Diversity 14(3), 164.

Hohlfeld, M., Meyer, C., Schoenle, A., Nitsche, F., Arndt, H (2022).: Biogeography, autecology, and phylogeny of Percolomonads based on newly described species. J. Eukaryot. Microbiol. 00:e12930.

Schoenle, A., Hohlfeld, M.; Rybarski, A., Sachs, M., Freches, E., Wiechmann, K., Nitsche, F., Arndt, H. (2022): Cafeteria in extreme environments: Investigations on C. burkhardae and three new species from the Atacama Desert and the deep ocean. Europ. J. Protistol. 85: 125905


Carduck, S., Nitsche, F., Rybarski, A., Hohlfeld, M., Arndt, H. (2021): Diversity and phylogeny of percolomonads based on newly discovered species from hypersaline and marine and waters. Europ J. Protistol. 80: 125808 ;

Hohlfeld, M., Schoenle, A., Arndt, H. (2021): Horizontal and vertical small-scale patterns of benthic protist communities at the abyssal seafloor. Deep-Sea Research Part I, 103515, in press.

Schoenle, A., Hohlfeld, M., Hermanns, K., Mahé, F., de Vargas, C., Nitsche, F., Arndt, H. (2021): High and specific diversity of protists in the deep-sea basins dominated by diplonemids, kinetoplastids, ciliates and foraminiferans. Commun. Biol. 4, 501.


Schoenle, A., Hohlfeld, M., Rosse, M., Filz, P., Nitsche, F., Arndt, H. (2020): Global comparison of bicosoecid Cafeteria-like flagellates from the deep ocean and surface waters, with reorganization of the family Cafeteriaceae. Europ. J. Protistol. (in press)

Živaljić, S., Scherwass, A., Schoenle, A., Hohlfeld, M., Quintela-Alonso, P., Nitsche, F., Arndt, H. (2020): A barotolerant ciliate isolated from the abyssal deep-sea of the North Atlantic: Euplotes dominicanus sp. n. (Ciliophora, Euplotia). Europ. J. Protistol. 73, Article 125664

Živaljić, S., Schoenle, A., Scherwass, A., Hohlfeld, M., Nitsche, F., Arndt, H. (2020): Influence of hydrostatic pressure on the behaviour of three ciliate species isolated from the deep sea. Marine Biology  167:63